India Trip

In Summer 2006 I spent almost a month in India near the border with Tibet. Spectacular experience. Turns out New Delhi is *hot* in July....
Photography by Robert Karlin

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Fall 2013 Up and At 'Em!

Here we go again !!

I am teaching a series of programming courses:

CIS 1101  Online - We'll give you the tools to understand and create programs to control computers.

CIS 111B  Online and Classroom - Second semseter programming course using Java. We focus on filling in gaps and emphasizing object oriented techniques. Coursework culminates with a group project that is demoed at a college-wide open Tech Transfer Day.

CIS 112 Online Last of three course series in programming. uses java. We begin to use trees, graphs, hash tables and other exotics to get things done faster!

Come see me at ATC 305 any time to just say hello or admire my Pez collection. 

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