India Trip

In Summer 2006 I spent almost a month in India near the border with Tibet. Spectacular experience. Turns out New Delhi is *hot* in July....
Photography by Robert Karlin

Friday, August 19, 2011

Fall 2011 Semester is Here

The construction is coming to an end and the campus looks amazing! For this Fall I'll be running classes on programmg, from cis 1101 to cis 112.

CIS 1101 starts with a visual tool to make programming almost syntax free. and then adds on the very hot language Python. CIS 111B is a 2nd semester of java and we really get into amazing ideas and students use other's code (via the wonder of open APIs) to do stunning projects. Finally CIS 112 concludes our java series with a look at algorithms - how to measure their performance and pick the appropriate algorithm for hte right setting.

Buckle Up !!