India Trip

In Summer 2006 I spent almost a month in India near the border with Tibet. Spectacular experience. Turns out New Delhi is *hot* in July....
Photography by Robert Karlin

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Fall 2010 !! It's Here!!

Great time to be in Computing!! for this Fall I'll be running the following courses :

ONLINE   CIS 111 Programming in Java
 ONLINE   CIS 1101 Logic and Programming Introduction through Visual Logic and Visual Basic

EVENINGS  Tuesday CIS 111B  Object Oriented Concepts using Java

DAYS  Tu/Th  11am - 1 pm  CIS 111 Progarmming in Java

Office hours will be posted the first week of the semster - come by my office any time to chat and check out the newest games, Legos and artwork *grin*  !!


Richard said...

You like Shaolin Soccer? What about Kung Fu Hustle?

- Rick Anstett

Richard said...

Oh, almost forgot why I stopped by here: CIS 1101 was great last spring. It really, really makes CIS 111 easier. Thanks!

- Rick